Seems as though the old-fashioned, traditional style barbershop has gone the way of the Dodo bird, if you catch my drift. My husband loves to get his hair cut at our local, small-town barber. You know, the kind that has that awesome barber pole out front! And where all the men hang out on a Saturday afternoon swapping war stories of their work week.

Real Old Fashion Barber

Honest to goodness, for real, actual barber pole!

If you look back in time, the barbershop is historically the local gathering place as well as the primary location for men to engage in open debates, voice their public concerns, as well as engaging all citizens in discussions about contemporary issues. (Wikipedia) “In addition, barbers also performed surgery and dentistry. With the development of safety razors and the decreasing prevalence of beards, in English-speaking cultures, most barbers now specialize in cutting men’s scalp hair as opposed to facial hair.”

Barber Dentistry


Thank goodness all that surgery and dentistry nonsense has been taken over by the right, well-trained professionals in their respective fields.

In the great State of Georgia, you can still find many traditional barber shops with driving distance of where you live or work. In Savannah, you have the “The Barber Pole,” a true authentic old-fashioned barbershop with a real barber pole out front. Nice waiting area with plenty of chairs if you want to hang out and talk politics with “the boys.” Shoe shine! Doesn’t get more traditional than that.

The Barber Pole Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia The Barber Pole

In Macon, the most popular barbershop for men is “The Gentry.” It is a true throwback barbershop where you can get a flawless straight blade shave that ends with a splash of house-made aftershave guaranteed to leave your face refreshed and tingling! They have whiskeys and other libations there, so don’t be shy. If they forget to offer you a shot, possibly due to the time of day, feel free to ask. It has been described as a trip back in time, making you feel you are really in 1925. This shop is highly recommended by everyone that I know that has ever been there. My hubby always stops is on any road trip, even if he isn’t really due for a haircut … it’s just that good.

The Gentry Macon Georgia
House made after shave – the bomb!

Macon Georgia The Gentry
Libation while you wait? Yes, please.

On the Alabama/Georgia state line is Columbus, Georgia. In Columbus, you will find “Old School Barber Shoppe,” an upscale (read pricey), old world, gentlemen’s barber shop. Location alone tells you something about this shop; they are in an old firehouse known as “the old Muscogee Firehouse #3.” The people that I spoke to that live nearby are so, so glad that historical building was not razed and was, instead, put to good use in the old business district of town. The ambiance is truly old-school as our their services. You can still get a real shave with a real straight razor! Hop over to their Facebook page and check out what’s on tap for the month of October.

Old School Barber Shoppe Columbus

Columbus Georgia Old School

Old School Columbus GA

Old School Barber Shoppe Columbus GA

Last, but not least, we have the best men’s authentic barber shop in Atlanta, Georgia. There were actually so many to pick from, both my husband and his buddy had a hard time narrowing it down to just one for me to write about. And they do admit this is only their current favorite, and not necessarily the truly “best” barbershop in Atlanta.

Gino’s Classic Barber Shop is exactly that … classic. The shop is always clean and it has that old-world look and feel that makes a real, authentic barbershop so appealing to he-men everywhere. In addition to there actually being a “Gino” behind the Gino’s Classic Barber Shop, all of the gentlemen barbers that provide their services on behalf of Gino and his super cool shop dress more professionally than any other barber shop or beauty salon we’ve been to in a long, long time. No sloppy jeans and t-shirts for these guy, oh no! The are all in button down’s (dress shirts to the uninitiated) with vest and tie. Yes, an actual tie is worn by every barber that works in this shop. Keep in mind that this place is usually very busy. It would be rare to walk in and get a quick cut in 20 minutes or less. You’re best served to call ahead and make an appointment or take advantage of their online appointment booking. Take the time and get to know everyone at this fantastic Atlanta classic style barbershop. You won’t be sorry!