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Getting your nails done is the perfect and fun way to pamper and beautify yourself. If you want to have gorgeous manicure without any price tag and expert, then learn some important techniques and do it in full comfort in your home. You can get the salon-quality result by following our techniques that help you in learning how to properly shape, clean and paint your nails at your home. Save your money and time and discover how to become a pro manicurist just like your Nail Salon technician.

Steps for Manicurist at home:

Making the professional manicure at home will require time as well as professional skills. Let’s go and have some important detailed about Nail Salon manicure at your home:

1) Removing current Nail polish:

The first step of manicure involves removing the current nail polish. Use nail remover to clean-up the current paint if necessary. Then wash your hands properly.

2) Clip nails:

After cleaning your hand, clip your nails. By using the nail clippers, you can easily clip your nails as well as shape it according to your will.

3) File nails:

File nails in different shape. By using nail file, you can get around, square and in between nails. The squared-rounded edge and slightly rounded nail shape is the perfect choice for you.

4) Soften and fresh your cuticles:

Soak your hands in the cup of water that contain lotion or oil. You should soak your hands in water just for 3minutes or less. It is so because over-soaked can damage your nails and skin badly.

5) Exfoliate hands:

With hand scrubs exfoliate your hands, forearms, and wrists. It will help you to eliminate all kind of dead skin cells. It will also provide moisture to your hand. By using the nail brush, the clean area under your nails. Wash your hand and dry them with a towel.

6) Apply polish base coat:

After moisturizer, apply the polish base coat to protect and hydrate nails. It will prevent nail chipping.

7) Apply first colorful nail polish coat:

Now apply the coat of first colorful nail paint on your nail. Ensure that the brush gets into the corner and cuticle properly.

8) Apply second coat colorful nail paint:

After a few minutes, apply the second coat of your favorite coat of nail paint.

9) Apply your topcoat nail polish:

Now apply the top coat nail polish to protect manicure from chipping. It will help you to add shine to your nails.

10) Clean-up rough edges of your nails and dry:

Dry the polish with the help of UV nail dryer and see the better effect of your nail. Erase rough edges before drying.


Apply fresh top-coat after few days is an easy tip to keep your nails looking perfect, fresh and glossy. Instead of completely remove polish and start from scratches, simple brush the quick coating of topcoat. It will help you to have a shiny look of your nails just like Nail Salon manicure.