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Going to the Nail Salon is the perfect treat for you but there are some hidden dangers like pedicure and manicure can end-up with a severe and nasty infection. Every women and man enjoy pedicure and manicure to brings beauty and spirits. There are lots of things that should be known before stepped into the nail salon. Keeping reading to search out the dos and don’ts of getting pampered at nail salons. 7-Things to Watch Out for at the Nail Salon are:

a) Infections can run prevalent in nail salons

One of the major risks associated with visiting a poor-quality nail salon in infection. Any harmful things like HIV, nasty fungus and hepatitis B & C can be easily found on the nail salon. Professional technicians always suggest bringing their tools to avoid all kinds of infections. Pay proper attention to how clean the salon that you visit. If the place is not according to your standard, then search for other places.

b) Never shave your legs beforehand:

Many bacterial infections like cellulitis enter your skin via small openings. If you shave your legs, then it creates micro-tears that allow the bacteria to enter into your body. It also causes dangerous infections.

c) Look for licenses:

Be prudent while choosing the Nail Salon. Looking for the places which show you state license. It will offer you knowledge about the services provided by a particular company will hygienic or not.

d) Don’t allow manicurists to remove cuticles:

Cuticles protect nails from all kind of infections. So, when manicurists going to remove cuticles. then he or she will damage and disinfect your nails. Just ask your professional manicurists to soften cuticles and push them back.

e) Make sure that every tool is being sterilized:

When you are visiting any salon, then you should check whether all tools are soaked in the blue liquid solution or not. It is a disinfected liquid that is used to kill all microbial life which many causes infection. Avoid visiting those Nail Salons that sterilized their tolls by using UV lights. The maximum sterilized time for disinfecting bacteria is 6-hours.

f) Check out the atmosphere:

After deciding a visit to the salon, your research does not end. Try to arrive early before your appointment and survey the general atmosphere as well as staff. Have a look at the credentials and license certificate on the walls. Make sure that cleanliness is the major factor that considers by the staff.

g) Gloves and masks:

The technician should wear both gloves and masks. It is good practice because it can protect yourself from chemicals. Gloves will protect hands from transferring of bacteria and fungus infection.


We hope you will get plenty of information about 7-Things to Watch Out for at the Nail Salon. We have heard horror stories of nail salons that make the skin crawl. Stories of unsanitary practices and infections may cloud in your mind. By focuses on some important aspects you may save yourself from these horrific tragedies.